Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Up...

I missed a post and I apologize. Had a skirmish with fear and some doubt. I prevailed. It's difficult not to worry but I will press on. Did too much thinking again, too. Not good. Life goes on and I get another day. I posted earlier that I wanted to complete a quilt top. I think I listed three, but dog-gone-it, one would be nice. I applique to get the creative juices going and I am on the last block. The end. Number twelve block. Did I mention the last one. And it's killing me. I'm not having fun with this block and I guess I could eliminate it from the whole quilt. It is not the boss of me. So I will show it in progress. I try to work on a section every other day. There are so many little pieces to this one block. I know, I'm nuts.

I'm so frustrated with this piece that I didn't even crop the pic. And I goofed up on one of the flower bunches. Good grief. I will not take it apart. Wish me luck.

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