Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August!

Happy August everyone. Yes, this year is speeding along like a bullet  train on rocket fuel. It's been two months since I left employment and I have great things in store for this month. Halloween is coming and I'm working in a new medium. Securely back in the creative saddle until the next pothole in the road. I did well last month. Not so much with my manuscript but there is this month.

I have the greatest friends who are there when I want to ball my eyes out because the world and the universe don't want to play fair on the playground. My good friend Sherry in New Mexico told me how talented and awesome I was and that I could do this. Just what I needed. A shot in the arm.

I ended last month by starting figures with a new medium. Creative Paper Clay is what I'm using right now. I've used it before in the past but never gave myself a chance to really get to know it. Some people like it, some don't but for me, right now, it's what I'm using because it's what I have. My pieces are turning out better than I expected. Photographing white pieces doesn't seem to work well with my camera but here's the beginning of my two guys.

They are going to be undead types. After all, Halloween is coming. Yay! They do have their bodies and I'm working on their limbs. It's been a challenge to figure out how I want to joint them. No cloth bodies. Scary. They are going to be a good size and I think I will make smaller ones that will be stationary on a stand or as ornaments. I also have to work on other ornaments. I will have more pics of these guys on Sunday.

I made myself get up and go for a walk in syrupy conditions. I am so looking forward to fall. Even though I was born in the summer, I am not a summer baby. I'm glad I can see that the days are getting shorter. My morning was pretty good. After the walk and breakfast, I edited another chapter of my adventure manuscript and wrote new material, 600 words. My goal is 500 a day. I didn't stop to think, I had lunch and went right into the next project. I sketched a doll. Forgot to take a picture but will get it to you soon. Then I sewed a mock-up of my short stay for my Regency Challenge. I'm so glad I did because the cup size that I used is too big. Imagine that.

The front part is where the eyes will go for lacing and there will be a little bit of boning. You can just see the little wedge panels (which will be smaller). The arm hole fit, as well as the back. I was quite pleased when I tried it over my chemise. I am going to eventually make another one of a finer fabric and make the front part a little lower. The one I have now will be great for a day dress and not showing cleavage.

I still have some appliqueing to do and get back to my figures. Thanks for stopping by.


Alyssa said...

Nice hobby, Wendy. I don't know if I can make something like this. :D

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Wendy Luane Barber said...

Hi Alyssa. It's not a hobby, it's my life's calling. It's my passion, my work, it's something that I have to do to express myself creatively. I guess the first thing is to believe you can do it, then try. Nothing happens unless you take that first step.

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