Friday, August 10, 2012

Works in Progress

Sometimes you just have to get away and I'm so glad I have great friends in my corner. They shanghaied me yesterday. This month just isn't going well. Maya was going to take me to Mt Airy but her car protested so she took us (Amanda too) to the movies and we saw the latest Ice Age. Wonderful flick. Then she invited me over for dinner. I needed to get out of the apartment so that I could breathe and laugh. I needed that.

I have been more consistent with my writing and editing. I really doing a great job on edit #4 on my Map Hunter manuscript. The goal is to write new material and edit old material everyday, no matter what. Even if it's just for 15 minutes each. Map Hunter is the adventure I wanted to read when I was a kid. The main character looks like me.

I also managed to cover more heads with tape.

And a pair of lower legs. The tiny ones will be covered with polymer clay, the larger heads with Creative Paper Clay. That's what I'm using now. I've tried other air dry clays, but I have this on hand.

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