Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Days In

Wow! Five days into the new month. Still a little behind but that's okay. Life is good. The seasons are changing and I'm so looking forward to cooler temps. Olde Mill Eclective had their opening on September 1 and it went well. We were blessed with having four media types out that day. One local blog, the Winston-Salem Journal (local paper), a new art magazine/blog, and North Carolina Weekend TV show. Woo hoo!

Me by my kids. I will be getting a table to go underneath the cabinet for more display space. I've got more Halloween pieces coming.

The space is a great size for us and we have more room to add more art. It's nice that it isn't so packed.

You can barely see the items in the baskets but they are belts, bracelets, and key rings made of old bicycle tires. Way cool. By artist Andrea Brill.

There's Andi with the scarf and Vera in the blue dress in the background. She is amazing and has wonderful jewelry and a cookbook that's on my Christmas list. The center table will be used for special setups like holidays. Or Halloween. The cookies were donated by Muddy Creek Cafe for our opening. The owner has a white chocolate cherry cookie that is to die for. I really don't need any cookies, but those are some good cookies. They also have great sandwiches too.

Vera's cookbooks, her husband Jack's wood boxes with doors from the old Winston-Salem post office, and music CDs by our wonderful leader Andi Reese.

I will have more pics later and everyone's full name. Duh! There's Suzanne who makes really cool pajamas, pillow cases, and pillows. Denise is a painter in pastels, oil, and acrylic. Diane is our clay artist. Jack is our wood guy. Pat makes the purses. The whole community is always promoting local businesses and artists. Please support them this holiday season.
Olde Mill Eclective
in Bethania Mill
Tuesday thru Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM
5455 Bethania Road
Winston-Salem, NC

Still working on my lists.

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Kim said...

wow Wendy- I wish I could have been there in person. I love everything- I am drooling over the post office boxes and that bear clay mask is sooo fantastic- everything is wonderful! I am so happy for all of you ♥

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