Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yes, I'm still battling some wicked anti-creative demons. They will not win. A friend suggested I do an 'Elephant Day' when things get really bad and the fear and procrastination set in. An elephant day, she said to get an elephant. Not a real one. But any kind of stuffed, or clay, or I could even draw one. Put him in the center of my living room and visualize taking a bite out of him. With each bite, I do something creative. Of course Bad Wendy stepped up to the plate and said we couldn't try it because we don't have an elephant. Good Wendy gave her the side eye. She also said that once I got back on track, to put the elephant away until next time I get a block or the battle seems dire.

Here are a few things I've finished and have been working on.

Finally got my mini plush monsters done. They will be for the Krankie's Holiday Craft Fair.

And I got another zombie head done. She could be a ghoul. I guess she'll tell me later. I have been writing too. Got another chapter to my mid-grade book edited. My goal is to finish this last edit and start looking for an agent. I have also been sketching and will try and get some pics up this week. It's also getting to be a busy time for me with Halloween coming up and then Christmas but I will try to do a lot better. I still owe you a list for the month.

I'd like to welcome Machelle Benson to the party.

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