Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bat Heart Ornaments

Something new for Olde Mill Eclective. I will put them in the shop this week for the Black Walnut Festival and will make more for the month of October. Need some things with a lower price point that won't take a lot of time to put together. They were fun to do.

Here are more ornaments in progress. Right now I'm calling them Cauldron Critters because they will be displayed in a cauldron. Makes sense to me. They are another version of a voodoo/zombie/undead thingy.
I have some fancy yarn for some of the guts.

I designed, cut out, sewed and stuffed these little guys yesterday. Got tired around 11 on the PM. I was going to stop around 9 last night but something, probably Good Wendy said to keep going. I really like how I can make my own schedule. I'm getting a late start today but I feel good creatively because I'm finally getting things done. I do have the rest of the day and night. Tomorrow will be different because I have to have a plumber look at my kitchen sink and who knows how long he'll be making noise. It's all good. Gotta have a functioning sink and I'm getting better at creating when things interrupt me or go wrong. That's a good thing.

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Ascension said...

Seguro que tienes mucho exito en el festival, me encantan esos corazones con los murcielagos brillandoles los ojos jeje.
besitos ascension

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