Sunday, September 2, 2012

Silly, Sassy, Sweet, Swamped September

Silly because I feel silly in a fun sort of way. Halloween and fall are coming and I'm so excited. I will decorate my apartment this year for that wonderful time of year, even if I have to make my decorations using drawing paper and crayons.

Sassy because I've been losing weight and toning up quite well and I'm starting to like the way I look in the mirror. I'm almost ready to get some new clothes. I will also continue making period and fantasy costumes.

Sweet because I'm being a little bit nicer to myself. I have just about everything that I need and I'm saving to get other things that I want.

Swamped because... well you guessed it, I've got a lot to do. I have a month to get more Halloween items done and then Christmas is coming up too. They kind of go hand-in-hand. There's a Regency Ball coming up I want to go to and I need to get a gown done. I have one quilt block left to do and I'll have a quilt top done. That was on my list for the year. Planning shows and more product for next year. Next year! Four months away! Yikes! And the book. Map Hunter. I've got to get that final edit done. It's time for that. I know there are a lot of little girls who would love to read this, and big girls and boys of all ages. As soon as I upload pics of the opening of Olde Mill Eclective, I will post them. When I got home yesterday from the opening, which was a success, I almost fell asleep eating. I was about to crawl into bed a little after 6:30 PM and everyone decided to call me. Seriously? It was all good.

That's the skinny of it for right now. I've got to get busy today and work on my lists and I will report back directly so you can see the list. Massive, simple massive it will be. Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and make your September a Stellar one.

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