Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Pictures

I was supposed to do this yesterday but I didn't. So here it is today. Just when I think I'm getting back on my creative track, I get derailed again. Seriously. The life tests continue. I don't think they'll ever go away, they'll just be waiting around a corner, ready to pounce at any time. To keep me on my toes I guess. I think I've got enough character, maybe I don't. I'm still waiting on that big break though and my angels, guardian faeries, and muses are still at the pub.

Monday night is my applique workshop and we had a wonderful storm. Got to my truck and it would not start. It was a good thing my instructor was still in the shop. She was so sweet to wait for road service with me. She was calm and appliqued. I was a wreck because I didn't need this. Yes, my truck is old, being held together with Michigan rust, dirt, dried leaves and cobwebs. It was doing the same thing it did last year when I had to get a new battery. My instructor, bless her heart, said not to worry that it's probably something simple. She doesn't know how old my vehicle is and she does have a husband who can get her to her next destination if need be. It's difficult not to panic when you have to be somewhere the next day and you have no one to call. The road service guy came and gave me a jump. At least I got home and knew I would have to take the truck into the shop the next morning. Whether it started or not.

Not. It did not start. It was pouring and I called road service again. I think it was the same guy from the night before. He got it started and I got it to the car shop. Told the guy that something other than the battery was the problem. I was praying it wasn't the starter. I sat in the waiting area, soaked, and freezing from the AC. It was the connector thingies from the part of the car that goes around parts of the battery to get juice. Yes, there is a technical name for those parts and I forgot what is was. They showed me the parts that were very corroded and I wasn't charged because they put the battery in last year. Whoever put the battery in probably should have changed the defective parts too. But he didn't and that was good for me. While I was there, I did pay for an oil change which I've needed for some time now. Maxwell is now purring like a kitty that's been smoking for awhile but he's working. Yay!

I had to go back home and change clothes. I was chilled to the bone and was an hour late to Olde Mill Eclective. It was my turn to man the shop. I told myself that I was going to have a good day regardless of the vehicle snafu. I was able to work on voodoo doll pins, sketch the monster veggies for the zombie bunners, worked on answers to questions for being Featured Artist-of-the-Month in October, and I started knitting a throw. You can never have enough throws or blankets and I believe we're going to get it this winter.

Maya brought be a Wicked Mocha from one of our local coffee places, Krankie's. Oh my goodness! Friends are great when you're working hard not to fall into a mental hole. It's got three types of chili peppers and local chocolate from Contempo Chocolates. It was so good, I really wanted to lick the inside of the cup. It will be one of those special coffee drinks because it is a bit expensive. But to get one and go walking when the temps really dip would be awesome. I love supporting a local business that supports another local business.

I am back on my creative track, a little more secure right now. Lots of Halloween stuff to finish and more to make. I'm very excited about that. Stay tuned!


Kim said...

Oh Wendy- these are the posts I hate to read living so far away. If you were closer you could call me anytime and my hubby would come look at your truck. I'm so glad it was something simple and it did not cost you an arm and a leg. I'm also glad you ended up having a productive day. Hang in there my friend- sending you love.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I wish I lived closer to you too. I told myself that I didn't have time to allow this to get me down. Thanks so much for being there in spirit. For the next month it's going to get a little crazy. Happy creating to you. Love ya.

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