Sunday, January 20, 2013

Game Night

A pictureless post peeps. Yesterday after my sock class with Maya (pics of that will follow because now I has a heel!) she invited me over for dinner and Canasta. Not one to pass up a free home cooked meal, I accepted. And I would like to get better at Canasta. Two others were going to join us so we would have three teams of two.

Maya's husband Joel made fresh chicken enchiladas that were amazing. Then we all sat at the kitchen table and played several hands. Two newbies caught on fast. It was different having that many people play. We didn't finish until after 1 on the AM this morning. We were so tired by the last round that we were begging the leading team to just take us out of our misery. But it was fun. Maya and Joel are planning a game night once a month. Not after a knitting class though. For me and Maya, our brains were fried after learning how to knit a heel along with some very special people in class.

Do you have a game night? I think it's a good way to actually talk and be around others. We seem to be missing that in our society today.

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