Saturday, January 5, 2013

Almost A Week In

I can't explain it but this year didn't start off as planned. That's what I get for being excited about something. Cow patties hit the fan and you just don't know what happened. So, one day at a time. Looking back on what I was to accomplish last year, well, that didn't go as planned either. Other things did get done and were created from scratch but many unfinished personal projects didn't make the cut. But I am bound and determined to get my quilt tops together. Again. That's one of my plans. I'm not giving up.

So, for right now, this is what's going on. I'm working on a commission that I want to get done withing the next two weeks. Bills are rolling in. I want to finish the last block to my Hop To It quilt so I can put all the blocks together. I'm doing quite well keeping up with Bless This House and by the time we get to the last pieces, that will be together. I will do my best to keep up with Sketchbook Challenge challenges. This month is artist dates. Seeing as I just read the info, I'm behind a week but that's okay. I will figure out what I want to do and start this week. I really want to start sketching again.

 The last block for Hop To It. I'm finally working on it. It's not my most favorite of all the blocks and because of that, I hadn't finish the top. Now, I'm just tired of having loose quilt blocks laying around, so I'm working on it.

This is the beginning of the top panel to Bless This House. I still have to applique the trees down.

Sorry this pic is horrendous. I took it with my cell phone and not able to fix it. I can't get pics off my camera card and will be begging for help from a computer friend. But it shows the floor of my studio. I can see it and get around the room. Three trash bags of junk. I do need to make a trip to Goodwill. I can also get to my sewing machine.

I still need to straighten some things but now I can work while doing so. The creative juices are flowing again.

Here's my jar and felt pieces to cover it. It's going to be my 'Good Things' jar. I will write down when good things happen to me and place them in the jar. On New Year's Eve, I will read through them so I can be reminded of some of the cool things that happened throughout the year.

I still have lists. We'll see what happens.

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