Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Pics

At least not yet. Last week was not so good. I hit a couple of speed bumps, fell into a pot hole followed by a sink hole of WTH. The two weeks before last were great as far as getting things worked on. And then... the glitch. I don't know what happened and I will not spend any time analyzing why it was a fail. Not an epic fail but one nonetheless.

Getting back in my creative saddle and back to talking to my muse and genie. Yep, I've got one. Yesterday was a good day. I've changed my strategy a bit and will use the bulk of the day to write and/or edit and make things that I can sell. After dinner will be time to work on other fun things. I am still adamant about getting my quilt tops completed this year.

  • I worked on things for St. Pat's Day, which for some reason I thought was next month. I'm going to finish those pieces now so they will be ready. Boy that's going to feel good. Having something ready way ahead of time. 
  • I edited two more chapters of Map Hunter. One to go and then I can retype and print off those chapters for another edit. I've seen some things that need a little padding. 
  • The two Day of the Dead masks are finally taking shape. 
  • I started a Celtic knot design and I think I'll put it on a pillow.
  • Continued prepping applique pieces for Bless This House.
Not bad for a day. I have three more days left in this month and I'll see what I can make happen. Have a great day!

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Kim said...

sounds like you are back in a good frame of mind so I'm betting you rock these last three days. Hang in there Wendy- maybe it's the weather? I know that has been messing with me- I just want to sleep :) I can't wait to see those masks finished!

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