Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 23 & 24

Yesterday I made another Halloween dress for my Blythe doll. I used the wrong pattern and her dress was way too short. Hmm... So today I decided to add some more tulle. Black. But the black wasn't as dense as the copper and even though her crotch is covered, it's still not covered enough for me. So I paused and pondered what to do, short of making this a piece for my doll that will stay in my collection. I do have to go to the fabric store soon and I decided to look for some black t-shirt fabric and make some leggings for her. Then her what was supposed to be 20s look will turn into a 50s look. Am I brilliant or what?

Today I designed a witch's hat, made one and cut out another that will be sewn tomorrow. I like it. It's pretty funky looking and I can't wait to dress it up. What I've learned is that I need a good quality black fabric. Black fabric can come extra stiff to like batiste weight. I need it to stand up a bit so I will be on the lookout for the right weight. I'm liking how these little dresses are turning out and I'm ready to really dress them up.

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