Here we are again. A new month. Those things are moving along at a very fast pace. Whether you like it or not. It's my birthday month. Some years I've celebrated the whole month, others the week of my birthday. I think I'll just wing it this month. Seeing that truck repairs put a dent on things.

As always, lots of plans. Especially Halloween things. I'm so behind. I've gotten back to my Blythe challenge and will be starting a different one for 29 Faces. The original one is in February where you can draw any face. The one for June is males only. I really need to practice male faces. I need to sketch more period. And I still have blank pages in my sketchbooks. Those are supposed to be filled by the end of the year. Um...yeah, did I mention I was a bit behind? It's time to finish things that I started last month. Only two things made it to the 'Finished' list.

So how do I feel right now? I don't quite know. Working on getting excited about things after having the wind knocked out of my sails last month. It is what it is. Day 11 and 12.


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