Sunday, April 30, 2017

Next Project

I'm still working on settling in in a new town. Same state that I was born in but a new location. A friend says that it's different because I'm out in the country instead of being in a city. Nope, it could be that I'm not in walking distance of anything. In the town I left, I had four restaurants in walking distance. I could walk downtown, to the library, to other shops. A YMCA and a park were down the hill. Trader Joes was five minutes away. I could do my shopping in half an hour. The farmers market was ten minutes away. Fabric stores and craft stores ten to fifteen minutes away. Yes... I was sort of spoiled. I could see a mountain in the distance, take a bus to wherever. Now, I have to make plans on where I want to go to maximize gas. I will get used to it. It will take time. And I have to be nice to myself about it. Maybe it's more like moving to another country. Yeah, maybe that's it. I can put that in a story.

Anyway, I've started another purse. In between sketching and stitching and watching DVD series from the library. This town has a kick butt movie section. I'm watching Pushing Daises. It's weird and quirky and I like Lee Pace and Chi McBride. It's about a guy who when he touches dead things they/it comes back to life. But only for a short time. If he doesn't touch them again to make them dead again, something/one dies in its place. Lots of weird twists and plays on words. I binged watched the first season. First time I laughed in awhile.

Here's the beginnings of the purse. The new owner wanted a blue jean one. I'll do the handles today and I intend on working on some backyard forest creature.

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