Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Today was a good day and I'm still going. Even though I'm slowing losing steam. Got up early and did my language lessons, sketched a new doll, designed a pattern, straightened the books on a bookshelf, posted on Instagram, took a walk with my roomie before it rained, and now I'm posting here.

The first new doll of the year. I didn't think I wanted to make anymore cloth dolls but it's what I know. I still will get back to the paper clay figures real soon. This little miss just got to me this morning and I was bound and determined to at least get her together to see if it would work or not. From the first sketch, I made the first pattern. I found some fabric I thought would work but it didn't. And I didn't like the pattern either. So I reworked the pattern (liking it better), cut it out of a better grade of fabric, did the embroidery, then sewed and stuffed it. I did sew her legs on backwards and had to fix that. I like her a lot but will adjust the patter tomorrow to make her head a bit bigger. I like the embroidery but couldn't do any more because her head was too small. But I like her! I like her a lot and have some really cool ideas for clothes. There's a pic of the initial sketch in the next picture. Here I figured out how big I wanted her and just drew her.

In this next pic, you can see the initial sketch in the center. I'll take better pics tomorrow when I re-do the pattern. I'm a bit tired right now and I still have writing to do. But I'm working on posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I used a mix of Valdani and DMC pearl cotton. I like her crazy legs and didn't have a problem stuffing her. I did have that problem attaching her legs and had to take them off and stitch them back on again. Such is life. Happens to the best of us. Oh, I also discovered I need another pincushion. It's a pain having to look for one when you change places to work.

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