Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mid-week Already?

Eegads! Time is marching on and I'm working to keep in step. Yesterday, went to the maternal unit's house to start clearing out things. She's getting older (so am I) and I don't want to wait until the last minute to clear out her house. We used to do doll shows together and so I started with that closet. Two trash bags, a pile for a future yard sale, a pile that she needs to go through. Three hours and it's halfway empty. I know there's a Christmas tree in there too. And ornaments that I will eventually go through. She had this really bad hand soap that I used in her bathroom. I couldn't understand what the smell was and she smelled my hands and said it was the liquid soap. She said she didn't like it either. I asked why she kept it and she said it was for people she didn't like. Gee, thanks. She said that she thought I would use the soap in the shower. Well... no. So my nose is clogging up, I'm coughing, and she starts laughing. It was kind of funny and I told her to get rid of the stuff. That on top of the dust from the closet, I and my sinuses were a hot mess when I got back home. I sounded horrible. She did feed me, so when I got in, I got a stiff drink, popped a sinus tab and went to bed. Probably shouldn't have done that but I couldn't breathe. Everything hurt, again. But at least I got a start. Because it's gonna take time to get through stuff.

The purse got delivered and so far the new owner is getting lots of compliments. A blue jean one is next. Went to the fabric store today because I finally had a coupon, got home and washed the fabric.

I've also been sketching this week. Bodies. Not dead ones. And sketched my next Redwork piece. I bought some woven interfacing to stiffen the back of the fabric a bit. We'll see how that works on this one.

I'm trying to work out a new doll, that's why the bodies.

My lady Day of the Dead needs a gentleman. He's a bit on the goofy side. I will pick out thread colors today. Get started tomorrow because my vision is a bit off because my nose is starting to plug up again and I'm feeling a bit awful. Breathing is a good thing ya know.

It's a gloomy day and I just want to take a nap but I can't. Onward. I've got things set up for a small painting in my sketchbook. Yes, I'm working on getting that back on track too. Later.

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