Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daily Goals

Seeing that I am one of the Queens of Procrastination, I'm always on the lookout for ways to get things done. Things that mean something to me. Things that will bring beauty, fun and color to my world with a little 'odd' thrown in. My latest idea is to attempt something that I like to do everyday. It can be for a 10 minute period or 30 minutes. Just do something.

Yesterday, before work, I told myself to do something. I looked at doll hands (after having taken 15 minutes to find them the previous day) and I told myself to pick them up. I sighed and did so. They didn't bite or turn into a gelatinous glob. They were already sewn and needed to be turned and stuffed. I picked up my turning tool and began. Once I got started it was a piece of cake. 4 hands turned. 2 sets for 2 dolls patiently waiting a year for hands. I also pulled out pipe cleaner for their fingers. They will have hands by the end of the week. And they may get lucky and have the rest of their face painted.

After signing off from here, I will work on a needle felt head. I'll explain more on that later because right now it looks like a Tribble.

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