Monday, February 16, 2009

A Finished Project

I finally have a project done that was started last year. I call him Top Hat Grim Reaper. He is needle felted, using wool roving and a barbed needle. The needle is poked up and down into the roving to make shapes. He is embellished with bead necklaces, suede belt with beaded tassels. His hat is also beaded. My camera isn't very good for closeups, so this is what everyone gets.

He is my fourth needle felt project that has been completed. I started out with pieces that had basic shapes. I also found out that working with black wool sticks all over everything.

My first project was a sheep, followed by a smaller sheep and then Schnitzel, a character from the cartoon "Chowder".

Here's my little sheep. He was fun to do and I didn't poke myself with the needle. Which I hear really hurts. His wool is fancy yarn that was also poked in with the needle.

This is Schnitzel. Rada rada. I love this character because he seems to be the only sane on in the whole group of characters. Because of this, bad things always seem to happen to him. I like the cartoon because all the characters are named after food.

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