Friday, February 6, 2009


This week didn't start off so well. I discovered that two friends are very ill and another longtime friend passed away. I am still grieving, I don't know when that will pass as I will miss this person a lot. It does help that I have wonderful memories of being around this person and his family.

I had two options to make because of this news. I could have sat around and worried. Question the universe as to why this is happening to two extraordinary people or why my friend was taken away so soon? Or, I could act.

I chose the second option. And because of that, yesterday was a good day. In between the crying I wrote a tribute to my friend. I quickly made a pillow for one on the hard chairs I sit on. I started a new doll, needle felted a head, stuffed two pairs of hands, talked to two good friends and saw a financial planner. I am so pleased and proud of myself for acting. Creating. Getting closer to my big goal.

The sun is out and I feel great. I am on my way to making this year the best in my life so far.

Have a happy day!


CocoaChick said...

Hey Wendy- this is great! Will you post pictures of your dolls on the blog?
Cousin Courtney (aka CocoaChick)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Yes, I will be posting just about all new dolls here. Thanks for checking me out.

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