Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Wrap-up

Alrighty then. April is gone and I can't believe it. As I look back, I was quite productive, and I'm working really hard not beating myself up for not having more pieces finished. I was creative 30 out of 30 days with writing, and dolls. Woo hoo!

What got done:
-53 pages of script for Script Frenzy, even though I didn't make it (other pressing things called)
-3 Wandi Spring Sprites (just in time for the Gallery Hop, the pressing thing)
-4 Halloween Sprites (As soon as I get decent close-up pics, I will open an Etsy store)
-pics of several dolls made for the movie to be used on a poster


Kim said...

sounds like a really great month- and much better than I am doing at the moment :) I'm so proud of you Wendy- hope that doesn't sound too stupid--you have really stuck to your goals and are achieving them!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks so much Kim. Sometimmes it's hard to stick to my goals. I do have to say that I get impatient then I have to work harder on being nice to myself. Your words help keep me going.

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