Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UFP: Sage

I had started Sage many, many moons ago. It was when I was trying out polymer clay. I did these funny old faces and this was one that I liked, so for that reason, I kept it. I still need more paint detail on her face, but I'll wait until she's got hair and is dressed.

I like her size. About 8.5 inches. I do have to work on hands. I was getting pretty good at them but I guess if you don't keep up with it, the skill goes away. She is a stump doll and guess what? Her base is already painted. I've got the fabrics for her clothes picked out and ready to go. I believe I've got some mohair left hiding somewhere.

I put a mole on because I thought she would be a witch. She informed me otherwise but still got the mole. She will also get a staff and medicine bag necklace.

I like her face a lot. I can see why I don't do polymer more often. You need patience, which most of the time I struggle with. Plus the baking and the mooning and worrying because I don't know if I cooked it long enough. I do like the skin tone look of it though. Maybe I'll give it another try after the Expo.

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