Friday, May 21, 2010

Priestess and Seer Woman

I finished them. Two more pieces for the film This one is Priestess and when I move her, the little silver danglies ring. Way cool. The head piece took some maneuvering but I got it stuck on her head.

I just love upholstery trim and fancy yarns.

Seer Woman, not quite a conjurer. I love working with layers. I'm going to really have to explore this process, 'cause I'm loving it. I've opened another file in my already over packed brain. These two were finished today. I gave myself today for one and tomorrow for the other but I turned into Speedy Gonzales today. I start a new piece tomorrow. I still have time to work on other things and get some editing done. Woo hoo!

The sun had disappeared by the time I tried for a close-up for Seer Woman. Pic didn't come out so well.


Ascension said...

Muy original!!
besitos ascension

Kim said...

I love them Wendy! I think this would be a fun technique to try out- I think I need to file it away for next winter. You are flying through projects girl!!! Your muse and good Wendy must be with you right now!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Ascension and Kim. Your comments keep me going.

Kim, you've got to try this out. I am so loving this process, and it's so easy. I haven't done any sewing on these pieces but you can make real clothes if you like. I'll be showing a different way to do the face with the Madonna one.

Haven't seen Bad Wendy in awhile.

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