Monday, February 28, 2011

The Film

Just when I was ready to post, my laptop is attacked. A very good friend's husband came to my rescue and now I'm back online.

Thursday, February 24th, I met with the lead actress of the film I've been working on. We talked about the scene that will be shot for the trailer, I showed her my studio, dolls for the film, and then a quick lesson in how I design a doll, make a pattern, and sewing the pieces together. I then got a call from the director/writer who said that he was on his way to pick us up so that we could see the location of the dollhouse. They had finally found a spot to shoot those scenes.

We got to the neighborhood where the house is and stopped in front of a house that I'd been in for a wonderful dinner party. The house has an old carriage house in the back, the owner turned into an art studio. I didn't have a chance to go into the studio during the dinner party but now was my big chance.

Oh my gosh! I could most definitely have that studio. Both levels. Yes, there's an upstairs with a window that opens on one end towards the back of the building and one at the opposite end that opens up into her backyard. There was a large work table, a counter and shelves. What a cool spot. It made a great spot for  making dolls and I could see the dolls I made set in place for the film.

Back downstairs is another large work table, large counter with all sorts of art supplies, a couple of seats, what looked like a wood burning stove, a sink, and a huge bookcase with a gajillion books. Perfect, just perfect. The owner also has a huge backyard, parts of it will be used for filming and she had made a flower bed that will be used as a graveyard. I am so excited now.

I also talked to Nathan about the scene the lead actress will be in for the trailer. He said he had talked to her too and that he didn't want to hear that a scene couldn't be shot. I told him that I didn't say it couldn't be done but that the way he wanted to shoot that particular scene would take a lot more effort and time. I then proceeded to give him three other options for a shoot, and I was quite intense and energetic about it. He just stared at me then said, "Okay, whichever one will be the most effective. I'm no longer wearing the writer hat, I've got my director hat on now. I don't know anything about doll making, that's why you're on board. And I think it's great that you're a doll maker as well as a movie buff."

I believe that was a compliment!

On the inside, I was a little kid in an art store, with chocolate and cookies on a large table, waiting for me to enjoy. I bounced up and down and got even more excited. It's finally happening.

Woo hoo!


Kim said...

oh Wendy! How exciting!!!! I think that was a compliment too-and how cool that the studio was at the home you had dinner at! Is it the one you showed us pictures of? I am kind of jealous because that studio does sound amazing and I want to see it now! I dream of a studio with a sink in it :) I can't wait to hear more about the film!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I'm going to take my own pics for my archives. I've told the owner that she needs to be in the magazine, Where Women Work. Have you seen it? It's by Somerset Studio.

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