Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Month!

Yep, a new one.  Another chance to do something cool, great, sincere, funny, goofy, you name it.  Catch up is the theme for the month.  Right now I'm a little goofy because we've dodged the snow rocket.  But I've got to get going.  Working on finishing dolls to make their way to the Outer Banks and possibly a new shop.

These are the first two of my Seaside Wandi Dolls.  They will have sailor type dresses on and hats.  Yeah, sure.  Okay, I do believe I will pull these guys together in a day and a half.  I ransacked what fabric I have left and would you believe I don't have any white?  White!  Fabric!  A basic color.  I so need to go shopping for everything.  Anyway, I have other Seaside gals in mind.

My chorus line consists of Spring Wandi Dolls ( the two on the left and the far right) and two Valentine Wandi Dolls.  I wasn't going to do anything Valentine like but I had the fabric, so what-the-heck.  The doll with the black legs is going to be a Spring Goth Wandi.  I'm looking for new hair.  What I had been using doesn't want to be found anymore.  It has become my big quest.

I really don't need any new projects but that's what us creative types do, have a couple hundred projects going at the same time.  I do believe I'm in good company.  I've learned how to quilt, only to do applique, which I just love doing.  This is the first block in one of those block-of-the-month quilts.  I know, I know, my mind has been kidnapped by aliens from some distant nebula.  I still can't remember how I got roped into doing this project.  My instructor is very good.  I've changed some of the colors from the original and my teachers project.  That's just me.  I'll see if I can get that pic up too.  I do have my bias strips made for the stems.  The quilt is called Hop To It.  There is a bunny involved.

I will post my list for February within the next couple of days.  At the end, we can see how close I get to marking everything off.  Creative Mojo Man and the Wendy's are falling over laughing.


Kim said...

I LOVE to applique too- even more so if it's hand sewing. I don't like the quilting part :( The new girls look great so far- I can't wait to see the valentine dolls! Don't you think Mojo Man and The Wendy's are being a bit rude??!! Don't those Wendy's know you know how to use a seam ripper- lol :)

Becky G said...

Group think... that's part of what goes into "doing another one" syndrome: here are some of my thoughts: "ooo this looks like fun, and it will be fast & easy & ain't it cute, and look who I get to do this with and what a wonderful teacher...." yep I'm on the Hop 2 It bandwagon, but only got fabrics yesterday... chop chop!

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