Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seaside Wandi Gals

Meet Marina and Oceana, two Wandi Gals heading for the sea shore.  They will probably stay on the boardwalk, watching others enjoy freezing surfs.  They'll probably have way too many corn dogs, popcorn, and sno cones.  But I'm sure they'll have fun.

Marina has a cute face and she's just happy to be on the coast.  She's hoping for a nice long holiday without rain or snow.

Here's the back of her sailor collar along with a string for hanging on the wall.  Oceana has one too.

Oceana is eyeing ice cream and elephant ears.  She's not too particular about diving into the waters.

Their arms, bodies and skirts are out of a stripe cream cotton.  I also have a darker version that I'll probably make too.  I had fun doing this pair and I'm glad my art rep came quickly to pick them up because I probably would've kept them. 

They really are on their way to the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  Hopefully they'll find a happy home.  Now on to that list.


The Red Angel said...

These Wandi girls are so cute! :) I don't know why but I think I like Marina more...she has such an adorable and friendly and content smile.


Kim said...

I love them- very stylish! Girls after my own heart- food instead of the water- lol! Hooray for a good start to February Wendy!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks RA.

I know Kim. I love food too.

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