Monday, February 14, 2011

Wallis and Willette

Willette and Wallis are ready to go to the ice rink with their cardinal friends.  Then it's off to get hot chocolate and chocolate chip scones.

A close-up of Wallis.  She's ready for the chilly weather.

Willette is also ready for the last of winter.  She's ready to go skating with her friends.

Wallis and Willette are in the Winter Wandi Doll collection.  I only have a few more to finish.  Maybe by the time I get them all done, spring will be here.


The Red Angel said...

Willette is SUCH a cute name! I love the faded checker pattern on their outfits, very pretty. :)


Kim said...

gorgeous! I love the pop of red with the cardinals :)

Kim said...

Wendy! My hubby drew your name for the white journal give away! If you could, would you please send me your address to flowerarts at gmail dot com? I'll get it right out to you- hope you like it! :)

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