Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Wrap Up

The last day of January and I'm wrapping it up. It wasn't a bad month creatively but I do know that I'm going to have to start focusing a bit more. I know I can do all I put my mind to and I have the time, I just have to manage it better.

Koji is done and several larger projects were worked on. I'm getting back to a past project that will have to get done very quickly. I have my major list to work from and several smaller ones. Big projects have been broken down into smaller pieces so I won't get overwhelmed by it all.

I'm quite pleased with my progress for the month but will have to (in the words of Emeril) kick it up a notch. Maybe four or five. What's on the docket for February? Marlow must be finished and a crazy quilt I made ages ago needs to be backed and a binding added. Another painting, several more dolls for the movie, more hand quilting on the bunny, editing of my kid's story and my sci-fi short story.

The big thing I have to do is to start getting ready for a three day show in October. It seems far away but it will be here sooner than I know it. That's a whole other list.

I am ready for spring and I want to go back to the coast. Maybe throw in some mountains this year and get back home for a visit. See old friends. I hope this month was productive for many of you.

Goodbye January!

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