Thursday, January 14, 2010

UFP Project: Bird Pincushion

This wasn't on my huge UFP list but it is in that category of unfinished projects. My new studio is shaping up and I've moved in my sewing machine and table. I have stacks of stuff, magazines, and unfinished works. I believe that stuff is blocking my creativity, so I've decided to start to go through the stuff and start tossing. Any projects found not completed, I would have to make a choice to either finish it or get rid of it.

This little guy was started in my applique class and was suppose to be a X-Mas gift for my mom. It didn't make it for whatever reason. I really liked it, it is a stuffed applique technique that we learned. I had so many wonderful ideas of what to do with the top, that I ended up not doing anything at all.

So today, I pulled out the rest of the project and primitive quilted the top. Sewed it together and stuffed it, adding the buttons last. It is pincushion #4 -2010, I'm taking count of how many I make. I'm glad I finished it and it will now go into a gift container to await the appropriate time for giving. To stuff it, I used stuffing that someone had given me and I didn't want to throw out.

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