Friday, January 8, 2010

Quilting Projects

I was going to start another blog for my writing, so then I would have two, but I have a hard enough time right now keeping up with this one along with Twitter and Facebook. So everything for the time being will stay together. I've noticed in other blogs that I like, they mix several things together, so I think I'm in great company. Good thing for labels. :D

Last year I worked on several quilt/applique projects but only got two done. A nine patch wall hanging for my mom and a lap quilt for my aunt. That was it, along with a couple of other small class projects. I'm afraid to take count of my UFP's (unfinished projects) but it needs to be done. There are so many more cool projects out there to do, or at least start. I am a true crafter/quilter.

This year I will up the ante and complete three quilt projects. Anything above that will be a bonus. Here's my list of UFP's, at least what I can remember. LOL

- Bunny wall hanging (one section is pictured above, designed by Robin Pandolph)
- Southern Album quilt
- Wild Blue Berries wall hanging
- Black & White quilt (block-of-the-month)
- Block-of-the-month applique quilt
- Homage to Matisse
- Celtic wall hanging
- Birdie quilt
- Crazy quilt

I'm doing a Snoopy laugh now, but my list is mild compared to others. Some of my classmates have closets full of UFP's. I shouldn't feel bad because some of these are quite complicated and time involved. I can't seem to do anything easy. Oh well! This year should be an interesting year.

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