Monday, January 4, 2010

Prairie Girls

These are my Prairie Girls. I think they turned out quite well and I had a great time making them. I hadn't made anything that big in a long time(18") and I found myself giving them hugs when they were done. They are also for the film. I think I'll have to make some just for me. :)

I think they look cuter and different on my sofa. The bodices have pin tucks and their bloomers have either pin tucks or lace. Their shoes are painted on with acrylic paints. I used regular yarn for their hair instead of fancy yarn for most of my dolls. These were also done the end of December. That was a good month. Keep checking back.

1 comment:

Maya said...

The pics do not do these dolls justice. The lace on the legs, the pintucks--all create perfect little dolls that, yes, deserve to be hugged and snuggled. Love them!

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