Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is my first Bunner. Rabbit. I use to have bunners, a Lop Ear and a mini Dutch. Loved them to pieces. The Lop was a diva and the Dutch shared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with me, destroyed school books I didn't like (the bunner ate my homework), figure eights around my feet while I cooked, and did the greatest helicopter spins.
Any hoo, I started these for Easter but got snagged up on the creative process and put them away. I knew I could do them, see Koji, but for some reason I they stopped being appealing. Bad Wendy poked her head above a stack of books and was ready to pounce when Good Wendy popped up. She asked me why a change of heart with the bunners? After all, I liked them. I thought about it and Bad Wendy started to smile like the Grinch before his heart got bigger. I said that I didn't want to dress them as Eastery things. Good Wendy said, "Don't. What do you like?" I said, "Kimonos. Like Koji." Good Wendy said "Then dress them in kimonos." What a concept.

Now I can sell them any time of the year and not be limited to a holiday. Bad Wendy disappeared. Feeling better now. Chocolate would really top it off. I've got to get some tomorrow.


Kim said...

Good Wendy is on the job! I can't wait to see them finished :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim, you have no idea. I can't wait to see them finished too. I've got to get use to letting go so I can make more. The list of ideas in my head is turning into and iceberg. Thanks for hanging in there.

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