Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here's a bunner with fake under kimonos before her skirt gets wrapped around her. I thought I had gotten a pic of my feet. Disregard those.
Here she is wrapped and more feet.

This is my second bunner. She's a champagne color and I can't remember where I got that wool from. It's okay, it took a bit to get the coverage that I wanted.

Second bunner with her vest and obi.

The first bunner with her vest and belt. I didn't make an obi for her. I like her simplistic look. Both have detailed paws. I will do the same for their feet.

This is the back of the second bunner and her obi. Modified of course. That's the cool thing about being an artist. Final design is my discretion. I did have 2 of my kimono making books out though. I wanted to get the feel of the garment.

I think she'll really be cute when I get her face done and her ears on. One arm is wired so that I can bend it.

Here's my white bunner and I really like her. It may be difficult to part with her, just like Koji. When I started the clothes, I knew what I wanted. But because of their size, I had to modify the design. Which helped in not making me so crazy. I had to tell myself that I am the artist and that I'm not doing actual kimonos, but working to get the essence of the garments. I am extremely happy with what I've got so far. Stay tuned.


Kim said...

I really don't think I can choose a favorite- they are both so amazing! I can't wait to see their faces- they will really come to life then! Fab work Wendy!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I have more in the works because I will have to keep one or maybe two. Seeing that Koji is gone.

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