Friday, March 12, 2010

Celtic Knot

Here is one of those UFP's. It's a Celtic knot design. Many moons ago I took a class and designed this. I got all the fabric and even made the bias strips. Then it all got put away, hidden from all of the wacky events of the world.

I remember in the class that this was no little feat. Especially when we had to make sure that where lines met, they either had to go over or under. The next set of meeting lines had to be reversed. Everyone liked my design but like many classes and workshops, you never have a finished product when it's over.

So I pulled the thing out because I worked my tushy off on the pattern and bought fabric. This is my design. With the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. I looked at the bias strips that had been made and of course I did't write down which color went where. One color in particular is so dark that it distracts from the other two nicer colors. So guess what I'm going to do?

Ha, ha! Yep, got to the fabric store and look for a replacement. I don't need much, 1/2 a yard. Plus I'll get to look at more pretty colors and get more inspiration because this is the third day of rain. Once I get the bias glued to the main fabric, I'll take another pic.


Kim said...

wow- I can't wait to see more of this! I am absolutely horrible at projects like this because I am horrible at math and being accurate.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim, believe it or not I hate math too. This teacher swore she could teach us the process. We shall see what it will look like when I get it done. :D


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