Wednesday, May 22, 2013


There are times when you are so fed up with fear, you just have to kick it to the curb.  And when you do, all sorts of creative happy comes.  There are so many things I want to do with my life that I got fed up a few days ago and decided to do something.  I'm back to working on several projects at the same time.  For some reason, I feel better about that.  Some people are good at working on one thing at a time until it's done.  I tried that and, well, it worked for a minute but I felt that I was missing something.  My whole apartment is getting back to looking like one huge studio and it feels good.  I know, I'm so special.

I forgot to mention that I got another doll commission last week.  Yesterday, I snagged a spot at a local art fair that will happen in a week and a half.  I will have some new pieces and I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night.  I'm kind of dragging today.  I went to pick up some artwork but one of the owners decided to keep everything.  Most excellent.  I've been sketching more new pieces for the upcoming show and the giveaway.  My birthday is next month.  I had asked for some help from the creative muses and they sent the art fair.  Thanks.  I finally got more coffee and some chocolate because I will be burning some midnight oil.

I was able to work on some other projects which had stalled because they weren't working out.  I got back to a sleeveless blouse I had started. It fits but the collar wasn't working out so I put it to the side.  For three weeks.  Seeing that I don't have many items of clothing that fit, why hadn't I finished this piece?  So I took the collar off yesterday and will cut a new one that will fit.  Sometimes commercial patterns are like that and I'm glad I know what to do when that happens.  I'm also glad that I had fabric left to cut a new collar.  I also worked on my second pair of knitted socks and got back to my short stay.  I redid the hand stitched eyelets.  Now I can get the boning in and finish it.  Then I can look for fabric for a gown.  There's an even coming up in July here in town that I would like to go to in costume.

I've been reading a lot of kid books, a writer should read everything they can.  And Halloween is calling.  Right now I'm feeling pretty good.  Excited, which I haven't been in a long time.

I've got this.


Kim said...

I always knew you had it-you were just in a short stumble :) I'm so happy to read this post- I can feel the excitement coming through the words and I'm so happy and excited for all the new things happening for you right now. When I was a floral designer I could never work on just one piece either- I always did better work and worked faster when I was surrounded by multiple projects. You gotta do what works for you- and it sounds like you are :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I guess when the bill demon is at your door, you get a move on. LOL I like it when I have one project or show after another. Helps to keep me focused. I know I have to work on that when I have down times but right now, it's great.

Wendy Lu said...

I think it's spectacular that your apartment is starting to look more like an artist's studio; you're surrounded by reminders of the thing you love to do most: create! And I'm totally loving your positive vibes - I hope your excitement lasts for as long as it can!

Ooh, your birthday is also in June? I'm turning 21 on the 22nd! We should celebrate in the virtual blogosphere together :)

~Wendy Lu

The Red Angel Blog

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Wendy Lu! I'm hoping I can keep the excitement going for June too. My birthday is June 28. Let's do a virtual celebration!

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