Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

May Day! May Day!

Okay, things aren't that bad around here. I'm getting my warped sense of humor back. I do have to amuse myself at times and get out of my apartment on a regular basis. I ventured out this morning to pick up groceries and almost forgot how to drive and get to said store. Not cool. I made it though and back home in one piece. I also finished packing up things for Goodwill (had started over a year ago) and made myself take them to a drop off truck. I can now say my apartment looks pretty good. And so does my studio. Of course, I'm asking myself why it took me so long to unload the stuff? Beats me.

Speaking of my studio, since my art table is big enough, I've decided to paint on one side and do other crafty/dollie things on the other side. That way I won't have to put something completely away to work on something else. Why did it take so long to figure that out? Good grief!

I've decided that this will be a challenge month for me. I will make it a doll month because I've been doing so many other things (creative things and those to pay bills) that I've put dolls on the back burner. I need to put them back on a front burner and cook like crazy. I do miss them but thinking too much about a new medium put the kabash on making anything new. So I'm putting it out there to you. I will have to make some new little people, witches, ghoulies, whatever. Why?
     One: because I have another challenge coming up.
     Two: There's probably an art show coming up and I need new material.
     Three: I need to restock the shops where I have old work.
     Four: The characters I've been dreaming of, thinking of, sketching are driving me crazy to get out.
     Five: I will be having my first Giveaway at the end of this month to celebrate me being on my own. Details forthcoming so check back.

I will be updating my profile for this blog because I've changed. Things in my life have changed. I'm not techno enough to redo my whole blog to add on things I want to add. So I will leave it alone. I will be doing more sewing for me and hopefully be adding some costumes. For me. I have to make something for the Renaissance Festival this year.  And I even get to dress my little niece this year. I even get to make her up for Halloween. Awesome!

Another thing I will be preparing for is my writing website where I will be offering short stories with illustrations. Seeing that Map Hunter is still a ways off, I can entertain you with my other tales.

Now my list for the month, along with the dolls:

  • Polish my first kid short story for a new website
  • Write one page or 350 words a day, working on Map Hunter II
  • Finish my dragonfly blouse
  • Finish my Bless This House quilt top
  • Finish my second pair of socks
  • Read 3 books
  • Do more sketching
A lot? Yeah, but I'm crazy like that. We'll just see what happens. It's a brand new month and all things are possible. Toodles!


Maya said...

Nice list. I know you'll do it, because you rock. :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Maya. I hope you're right.

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