Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Needle Felted Skull Ornaments

Here we go now. Remember those cocoon things not too long ago? Here's one finished. My first Skull ornament. I think he's kind of cute. Not as scary as I had thought he was going to be. More mischievous. Like he's hiding the good rum and we should see him when the pub closes. There are small Pony beads that separate him and the crossbones. They're a good size and I have embroidery floss as his hang thread. I think I will try a thin pearl cotton. It would be nicer I think.
Here's another guy, maybe a gal, waiting to come to life. The crossbones are like little dog biscuits. LOL There's nothing like getting the first one done to see what can be improved.

Several more just waiting. Now that I'm not afraid of them anymore or how they would turn out because I'm my own worse critic. I'm really excited. Getting poked by a felting needle through the fingernail is not cool. It hurts. This time there was no blood. But my creative spirit is flowing through these critters.

I have the greatest group of women in my applique workshop. Sheila crocheted these beautiful bookmarks for everyone. I'm normally not a pink person, this one is kind of mauve. Desert Rose. Ha! That's an artist for you. Not just dark pink. I love it.


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