Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue/Yellow Angels

Two more additions to the film bunch. They were suppose to have wings but me being the artist, it's my discretion that they don't. They still look angelic like and I feel good about that. I so love the fabrics I used for their arms and legs. I wonder if I left the manufacturer on what's left and then I can look for more. I'd loved to have a lap quilt. I usually go for bright and jewel tone colors for quilts but every now and I like traditional colors.
I used soft pastels for their makeup, cheeks, and lips. Along with color pencil to highlight and outline the lips. The eyebrows on the brown doll are done out of Pigma pen and the lighter one, her brows are of brown color pencil. Their hair is upholstery trim. Love the stuff, it comes in an assortment of colors and you unravel one end and get this massive hair thing going on.

I had to paint the brown one twice. I mentioned that she had come out splotchy at first. I wasn't satisfied with the second time around after I started doing her makeup. But those goofs were hidden by the pastels. Love those things. I've got to get better brushes for application.

She's quite elegant, don't you think? I had a different trim for under her bustline but forgot about it until I had the gold on. It still works. I can use the blue for something else.

I'm really working on getting better with my pic taking. Especially with the point-n-shoot that I have. Something else to go on my wishlist. I love her modest pose.

This pic doesn't do her eye shadow job justice. Her lips are nicer too. Oh well, I just have to keep at it. My creative list just got shorter. Thanks for stopping by.


Kim said...

The dolls turned out so lovely- they have a soft feeling to them that I just love- sort of like you can feel kindness radiating from them. I love their hair- great use of upholstery trim! Fantastic job Wendy♥

Katie said...

LOVELY angels!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim and Katie.

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