Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue & Yellow Angels

Blue & Yellow Angels. I know, not very original. I started these sometime ago when I had taken a workshop with Akira Blount. I had this nice blue and yellow print fabric that I wanted to use, so I created them. I created my own pattern and needle sculpted their faces. Then I let them languish in the Land of Finish Me.
So I brought them out and painted their faces and hands. Yes, their arms are propped out by legs that don't belong to a body so I wouldn't get paint on what is their dress. I have the fabric and trim to finish these ladies but hadn't painted them. That was the next step which for some reason I just didn't feel like doing until now.

You can see the nice expression on this one's face.

This one is a bit more content. Their bodies are made out of upholstery swatch. If you can find those, they make great outfits such as vests, skirts, hats, or bodies. Usually independent upholstery places just throw them out. You can ask them to save the swatches for you.

A nice aerial type view. I have to paint the brown one over. Way too many splotches on her neck. Today I will start adding trim. These two will hang on the wall and probably go into the film.

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